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Madeira: Porto Moniz’s Volcanic Pools

Posted by admin on October 11, 2023

When you think of Madeira, you might imagine its lush landscapes and picturesque cliffs. However, this volcanic island is not known for its sandy beaches. If you’re yearning for a refreshing swim in a stunning setting, head to the northwest of the island, where nature has carved out some of the most enchanting natural pools you’ll ever encounter. Welcome to the natural Porto Moniz’s Volcanic Pools in Madeira, a hidden gem that offers a unique and safe swimming experience amidst the dramatic beauty of the Atlantic.

Volcanic Pools in Madeira

Porto Moniz’s Volcanic Pools in Madeira: A Refreshing Oasis

Madeira’s coastline is rugged and rocky, making it less conducive to traditional beach outings, especially for families with children. Yet, this island, often called the “Flower Island,” boasts an extraordinary gift from its volcanic history—Porto Moniz’s Volcanic pools. These pools are formed by the rocky outcrops that rise from the ocean’s depths, providing a shield against the relentless waves and creating a tranquil haven for swimmers. The most exquisite of these pools are located in the charming town of Porto Moniz and also in Seixal. Some are completely natural, nestled among the rocks and impossible to swim in, while others are thoughtfully equipped and occasionally supervised.

Getting to the Northwest Oasis

To embark on this aquatic adventure, drive north from Funchal, and in just 40 to 50 minutes, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the island’s northwest. Along this picturesque journey, you’ll glimpse the island’s stunning interior before arriving at the enchanting Porto Moniz.

Porto Moniz Volcanic Pools in Madeira: Nature’s Aqua Playground

Porto Moniz is renowned for its natural pools, and it’s easy to see why. These beautifully crafted pools come complete with staircases for easy access and even a dedicated children’s area. Covering an impressive area of nearly 3,800 square meters, they offer a delightful and safe swimming experience. However, be prepared for summer crowds, as this idyllic location is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Beyond the pools, Porto Moniz is also known for its prestigious hotels and a captivating aquarium. Don’t forget to capture the volcanic essence of the place with stunning photographs of the Mole islet, even though swimming there isn’t an option.

Seixal: A Hidden Gem for a Quieter Swim

If you’re seeking a quieter escape, venture to Seixal, where nature has crafted a similar aquatic paradise. Here, too, you’ll find rocks breaking the waves and crystal-clear waters. While the Seixal pools are a bit smaller than those in Porto Moniz, they offer the same serene charm. Thanks to its relatively lower profile, Seixal remains less crowded, allowing you to savor these beautiful surroundings with a bit more tranquility. This tourist-friendly spot also features amenities like a bar and sanitary facilities.

Funchal’s Natural Swimming Pool

For those who prefer not to venture far from Madeira’s capital, Funchal has a hidden gem of its own—Doca do Cavacas. Located just east of Formosa Beach, this beach complex features one of the island’s most stunning natural pools. The reasonable entrance fee grants you access to showers, a bar, comfortable chairs, and shady umbrellas. It’s the ideal choice if you want to experience the wonder of Madeira’s natural pools without embarking on a cross-island journey or if you plan to spend your time in the capital city.



In conclusion, the natural Porto Moniz’s Volcanic Pools in Madeira and Seixal, along with Funchal’s Doca do Cavacas, offer a captivating alternative to traditional beach experiences in Madeira. These pools, surrounded by dramatic rock formations and crystal-clear waters, provide a refreshing and memorable way to connect with the island’s unique volcanic heritage. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, these natural wonders should be at the top of your Madeira itinerary. Dive into Madeira’s hidden aquatic treasures and discover the island’s true essence.



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